EC-Council’s Certified Penetration Tester Course in Patna, teaches you how to perform an effective penetration test in an enterprise network environment that must be attacked, exploited, evaded, and defended.

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CEH v12

In Eccouncil CEH v12 Course in Patna and Certification Institute will help you to get all Ethical Hacking Courses in Patna. Learn more about Ethical Hacking Training used in the industry by the Best Ethical hackers and Penetration Testing Experts in this field. The Certified Ethical Hacker v12 (CEH v12) program is the most desired information security training program any information security professional will ever want to be in.


Computer Hacking Forensics Investigator Training Course is always moving to match the changes in digital devices. EC-Council CHFI Training Course validates the learner’s skills on how to identify an intruder’s footprints.

CND v2

A Certified Network Defender (CND) Course in Patna will get a fundamental understanding of the true construct of data transfer, network technologies, and software technologies to understand how networks operate, understand what software is automating, and how to analyze the subject material. In addition, network defense fundamentals.


CPENT Training

EC-council Certified Penetration Testing Course in Patna | CPENT Training program is all about helping you master your pen-testing skills by putting them to use on our live cyber ranges. The Certified Penetration Testing Course in Patna (CPENT) ranges were designed to be dynamic in order to give you a real-world training program, so just as targets and technology continue to change in live networks, both the Certified Penetration Testing Course in Patna (CPENT) practice and exam ranges will mimic this reality as our team of engineers continue to add targets and defenses throughout the CPENT course’s lifetime.


Ethical Hackers, Security Practitioners, Engineers, Analysts, Specialists, Architects, and Managers, Threat Intelligence Analysts, Associates, Researchers, Consultants, Threat Hunters, SOC Professionals, Digital Forensic and Malware Analysts, Incident Response Team Member.
Any mid-level to high-level cybersecurity professionals with a minimum of 2 years of experience.Individuals from the information security profession and who want to enrich their skills and knowledge in the field of cyber threat intelligence.


Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst Course in Patna is designed and developed in collaboration with cybersecurity and threat intelligence experts across the globe to help organizations identify and mitigate business risks by converting unknown internal and external threats into known threats. It is a comprehensive, specialist-level program that teaches a structured approach for building effective threat intelligence.

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Threat intelligence solutions gather raw data about emerging or existing threat actors and threats from a number of sources. This data is then analyzed and filtered to produce threat intel feeds and management reports that contain information that can be used by automated security control solutions.

Become a Certified Secure Computer User The purpose of the CSCU is to recognize the competency and expertise of a professional in security and networking skills thereby adding value to the workplace. The CSCU certification verifies a candidate's knowledge and skills to protect their information assets.

The Certified Security Computer User (CSCU) is an entry-level certification aimed at individuals with a basic understanding of protecting information assets.

No degree is strictly needed to become a penetration tester. Though it will help if you have some sort of Computer Science/Computer security-related degree; it's not set in stone that these are required. Many penetration testers find their roles through weird ways, some don't even have a degree.

This stage uses web application attacks, such as cross-site scripting, SQL injection and backdoors, to uncover a target's vulnerabilities. Testers then try and exploit these vulnerabilities, typically by escalating privileges, stealing data, intercepting traffic, etc., to understand the damage they can cause.

Eccouncil Certified Ethical Hacker, CEH v12 Certification Course is the best Certification Course for Ethical Hacking which is provide by us in Patna.