Craw Security provides Summer Training in Patna in Ethical Hacking Course, Networking CCNA 200-301 Course, Python Programming, Information Security Course, and Cyber Security Courses as well as Training and Certification in Ethical Hacking Course CEH v11, CISCO, CompTia, in Patna, Bihar.

Information Security and Cyber Security Courses

Our Summer Training Internship 2022 Program Starts in Various kind of Information Security and Cyber Security Courses. It could be the Ethical Hacking Course, Penetration Testing Course, Cyber Forensics Course, Networking CCNA 200-301 Course, Mobile Penetration Testing Course, Python Programming Course, and more Information and Cyber Security courses in Patna. Craw Security Provide Some International and Globally Certifications like Ethical Hacking Course CEH v11 From Eccouncil, CompTia Security Plus from CompTia, CCNA | CCNP | CCNP Security From CISCO, Redhat, etc.

1 Year Cyber Security Diploma Course

It Includes 12 Information Security and Cyber Security Courses that Includes Basic Networking, Ethical hacking, Penetration Testing, Cyber Forensics, Linux Essentials, and many more. Craw Security Provide Summer Training in Various kinds of Cyber Security Courses in Patna.

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Summer Training Internship Program

We Provide Summer Training 2021- 22 Cyber Security Diploma Course in Patna It includes 12 Information and Cyber Security Courses in Patna Complete Bundle Course Package like Ethical Hacking Course, Mobile Penetration Testing Course, Basic Networking Course, Linux Essential Course, and more. This Cyber Security Diploma Course (Cyber Security Course in Delhi) will help you to become a Cyber Security Expert in Your Career. Our Diploma Information and Cyber Security Diploma Course is structured in a way that it provides the best training with required facilities which makes the students understand every aspect of learning effectively and efficiently. Cyber Security Course in Patna.

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OSCP Training Internship Program

There is a high-end major industrially renowned Penetration Testing with Kali Linux (PWK/PEN-200) course that has been enhanced with the submission of 5 latest retired OSCP exam machines to PWK labs. These specialized 5 machines portray a complete OSCP exam room! This particular self-paced online ethical hacking course prefaces a series of pentesting tools and techniques with a long-lasting practical experience.

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Frequently Asked Question

Summer Training Program in Patna

An Internship helps you:

  • Get Experience before you Graduate,
  • Develop New Skills,
  • Apply Knowledge gained from Coursework to The on-site projects.

You can look for an internship any time before your vacation starts. If you mean during which year, 2nd year is not too soon.

Employers value skills developed by hardwork, academic work, volunteer experiences or other experience. So, you don’t need experience to get a job/ Internship.

You can apply for ethical hacking Internship at Craw security in Patna.

At Craw security, you will be working on live projects with our cyber security experts.

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